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In Memory of
Stephen Jay Gould
September 10, 1941 - May 20, 2002

Memorial Service for Stephen Jay Gould September 10, 1941~May 20, 2002 Fire Department of New York Color Guard and Pipes and Drums Philip Furmanski New York University Niles Eldredge American Museum of Natural History Richard Burger Public Health Research Institute Roger Keen Jade Shearer Allen Oliver Sacks Ethan Gould A Note from Alan Dershowitz The Boston Cecilia Barbara Bruns, Associate Conductor Funeral Sentences for the Funeral of Queen Mary (Henry Purcell, 1659-1695) The Blue Bird (Charles Villiers Stanford, 1852-1924) onight in New York, there will be a memorial service for scientist and author Stephen Jay Gould. Gould died last week. He was well-known for his studies of evolution, his interest in taking science to the masses and his love of baseball. But in the last years of his life, Gould also became obsessed with the work of Marcel Duchamp, one of the pioneers of modern art. Gould and his wife, Rhonda Roland Shearer, founded a research center in New York dedicated to the study of Duchamp's work. NPR's Rick Karr reports.