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In Memory of
Lelia V. Carmines Romo
August 6, 1928 - July 29, 2003

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

Lelia V. Carmines Romo, beloved wife, mother and friend, was called to her heavenly Father on Tuesday, July 29, 2003, 8 days before her 75th birthday.

A native of Poquoson, Virginia, she called San Antonio home for 56 years. Interment for family members in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial contributions be made to: National Kidney Foundation or the United Methodist Foundation for Evangelism United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 985, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745.

Lelia was a source of peace, comfort, compassion and love to all who had the opportunity to know her.

The source of her life was the Lord and the forms of her devotion were to her husband, Dr. Thomas Romo, Jr.; her four children, Sandra Romo Good and her husband, Larry Richard Good, Dr. Thomas Romo III and his wife, Diane Kiely Romo, Attorney Leslie David and his wife, Sue Lynn Cole Romo and Attorney William Carmines and his wife, Jennifer Kraut Romo; her nine grandchildren, Rachel Lynn, Cole Lisle, Sue Adair, Robert Michael, Thomas IV, Daniel Bradshaw Romo and Brandy, John, Lydia Joy and Nelson Pantuso, who survive her.

She had a lifelong dedication to Christianity and the United Methodist Church.

She also devoted her life to her husband and to being a mother to her children.

Her dedication to physical fitness, especially long distance running was an inspiration.

She won many medals and honors at the local, state and national levels and the Senior Olympics.

Mrs. Romo was also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution DAR.

We look forward to once again being united with her on the streets of glory, where she is now walking with her mother, Homer Virginia and father, William Lisle Carmines, Sr., her mother-in-law, Florinda Garcia Romo, her 2 sisters, Anne Payne and Edith Amelia Nelson and her brother, George David Carmines.

She is also survived by her three sisters, Bea Paine of Bluefield, W. Virgina, Brenda Mae Beckelic of Poquoson, Virginia, Fran Corey of Hampton, Virginia and William Carmines, Jr. of Poquoson, Virginia.

Henry Vinson

My deepest sympathy to the Romo family. Lelia's death is such a shock and she will be missed by the many people who loved her and knew her. She was a wonderful lady. I am glad she is with our Lord in Paradise.

Henry Vinson


She looked at me with a happy eye She looked at her kids with kind eyes But through her strong eyes she kept the evil at bay And she protcted her family with awesome eyes Through my eyes I saw a lady of steel Never backing down yet in a kind way She has a voice of kindness And eyes of love I loved those eyes back then And I remember them now But do not be sad for me Smile for me because I know I will see them again Please save me a place in heaven And I will see those eyes again We all love you forever For Mrs. Romo

08/21/2003 -
Darren D. Defendeifer

Her passing will make my comming home from my two year service in Nepal bitter sweet. I wish I could have been there for the services. I'm sorry. I'll miss her.

08/16/2003 -
Sandra Romo Good

A Daughters Tribute This tribute was given to me by the Lord 2 years ago. It was delivered at the Memorial Service for Mom. THE CHAMPION OF ALL MOMS Champion-Webster-A fighter, one who speaks or acts in behalf of a person or a cause; a defender. A selfless giver, encourager, caring, sympathetic, kind, gentle, supportive, merciful, compassionate, faithful, devoted, wise beyond her years, a prayer warrior and a Godly example. This doesn't begin to describe my mother, Lelia Carmines Romo and how richly I have been blessed by the Lord because of her life. I was diagnosed with kidney disease as early as 18 months old and throughout my 54, almost 55 years of life I have undergone 15 major surgical procedures. Some of these surgical procedures include a ureterostomy living with a ostomy for 17 years, partial then complete removal of both of my kidneys, dialysis, a resection of my ileum because of scar tissue build up, back surgery and two kidney transplants. On August 17, 1983, one day before my 35th birthday, my Mom gave me life for the second time. She sacrificially and willingly donated one of her kidneys to me. I had always been especially close to my Mom, but something significant happens when that kind of selfless, merciful gift is given. As my brother Tommy knows. He donated his kidney to me on September 6, 1995. Mom never once complained or regretted her decision, even when I went into renal failure a second time in 1995 and required another another kidney transplant to save my life. My Mom, in strength, wisdom and the determination of the Lord, was able to not only cope with all of my medical problems but she understood how much I didn't want to be treated as "special" or "different" than my brothers or my peers. She helped give me the courage I needed to face every doctor's appointment, every "needle", every medical procedure and every surgery. Just feeling her hand on mine made me feel safe and peaceful. She was instrumental in setting a wonderful example of what it meant to keep God in the center of my life. She prayed about every decision and gave thanks during the good and the bad times. She encouraged me to be active and serve in Church activities and Bible studies. And she was instrumental in my receiving Jesus as my Lord and my Savior at the age of fourteen. She was supportive when I tried out and became Junior and then Head Cheerleader and was as excited as I was when I was crowned Homecoming Queen at MacArthur High School in 1967 and when I graduated from Texas Women's University with honors in Occupational Therapy in 1972. She instilled in me the value and importance of family. Although my husband Larry I have no natural children of our own, she taught me the importance of valuing the "spiritual" children I had birthed, discipled and mentored. Our family has always been very close and I look forward to getting together with them for any and all occasions. As I struggled with my poor self image, rejection from my peers, loneliness, despair, discouragement, depression and anger, my Mom was there with a discerning, listening ear, an encouraging gentle word, a strong shoulder to cry on, faith-filled prayers to believe in and many comforting hugs. Because of her example, she continues to teach me how to celebrate life, how to keep looking forward without having regrets about so many years lost due to so much illness, how to not only unconditionally love others, but myself no matter what the offense and how to value and appreciate everything God has blessed me with. I feel special, valuable and loved by her. My Mom has said she was blessed when she had me but I am the one who is truly blessed. I couldn't tell her enough how much I loved and appreciated her. She meant the world to me and I would have done anything to have kept her around forever. I honor her, bless her and thank God for her. She was a living example of a Proverbs 31: 10-31 woman.

08/09/2003 -
Erica Medellin & Michael De La Rosa

We love you Tia Lee and are going to miss you so much. Miss seeing your beautiful smile and always helping us out with advice. Thank you for everything.
08/08/2003 -
Cathy Carden Darr

Billy, Please accept my condolences on the death of your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely, Cathy Carden Darr

08/05/2003 -
Susan Rollins Thomas

There were two angels that came to earth about the same time who gave, and gave, and gave. They were sent from God to touch many, many people, including the ten children that they had: six for one and four for the other. God has called both of them home now and together they are watching over the ten children that loved them both so dearly. As I loved my mother, I loved Lelia and am truly heart broken knowing that I will never have her arms to fall into on her visits home. What a comfort knowing that Mama and Lelia are once again together, dancing, singing, and playing in God's kingdom. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Lelia's family. Love Susan

08/05/2003 -
Kammie Sittre

Dr. Romo, My God bless you and your family and keep you safe, not only through this difficult time, but always. God Bless, Methodist Healthcare CME Dept: Bonnie Munroe Gina Moore Kammie Sittre Wendy Macias

08/02/2003 -
Jeanette Morrisett

She truly was as inspiration and a comfort to me. Her comforting and reassuring words gave me the courage to face whatever the outcome may have been during a medical test. I was no longer afraid. I wanted to send her a Thank You note and never did. Thank you Mrs. Romo. I will pray for you that God will welcome you to heaven really soon and I will pray for Dr Romo and your family who, I know, will certainly miss you. Jeanette & family 08/02/2003 -
Anna Johnson Lockard

Tom and family, My love and prayers are with you. My heart is aching. Love, Tonnie I will send a memorial to Lake Junualuska.

08/01/2003 -
Fred Mahula, Jr.

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss.

08/01/2003 -
Bethany Diggs

My sympathy to the family. Lee was a beautiful person inside and out. We grew up together. Our homes were close with a well worn path between. As playmates we had alot of great times. Later in life we would cry and laugh together with memories of our childhood and growing up years. A funny thing happened with us. We were together all our growing up life and only just recently realized we were related. Her great great grandmother and my grandfather were brother and sister. I will miss her forever.

08/01/2003 -
Bethany Diggs

My sympathy to the family. Lee was a beautiful person inside and out. We grew up together. Our homes were close with a well worn path between. As playmates we had alot of great times. Later in life we would cry and laugh together with memories of our childhood and growing up years. A funny thing happened with us. We were together all our growing up life and only just recently realized we were related. Her great great grandmother and my grandfather were brother and sister. I will miss her forever.

08/01/2003 - James and Eugenia Gillikin, Jr.
Lee was a very dear friend all through our school years and had remained very close through the years. I remember playing the wedding music when she and Tom were married at Trinity Church in Poquoson. She will be missed very much.

08/01/2003 - Robert A. Negron

Dear Tom, I was very saddened to learn about your wife's demise. I pray for her soul. I would have liked to attend her funeral but I am suffering with an ankle tendinitis to the point where today I became confined to a wheel chair. I will be with you in my thoughts.

07/31/2003 - Dr. and Mrs. Victor L. Casiano

We are very sorry for the loss of your loved one. You are in our prayers. Sincerely, Dr. and Mrs. Victor L. Casiano

07/31/2003 - Kaye Yarbrough

My deepest sympathy to the Romo family. I knew Lelia in MIMIC Investment Club and always enjoyed visiting with her. Her death is such a shock and we will miss her. She was a wonderful lady. I am glad that on this day she is with our Lord in Paradise. Sincerely, Kaye Yarbrough

07/31/2003 - McWilliams, Maggie

A loss to all of us who knew and loved her. Maggie